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house - hot & cool

House and his tees

This is another insane posting. Several months ago I listed all the shoes House has ever worn on the show. Now it's time for his shirts. The listing, cap searching/screecap-ing and, most of all, the online shirt search took an unreasonable absolutely insane amount of time, but hey... I've got no life.

BI lupus LM skull/floral 1 PE red dragon Z-Brand "Loans"

If you'd like to re-use any of this in context with House, please credit or link back to me. I hate to ask, but this one took incredibly long to put together. It would make me really happy, if people stopped by here. Thanks!

HOUSE's tees

I started this post back in March [2008] and thought I'd unlock it as soon as I had info on all or most of the shirts. I decided to finally open up this list [in June '08], because I'm starting to doubt I'll find all of them (some have just been out of sale for too long). I'm kinda proud that I found as many as I did, though :-)

Detailed lists of shirts by episode with captures are in separate entries (the posting became too large for one LJ entry, so I had to split it into several parts)  Season 1 & 2 / Season 3 & 4 / Season 5 / Season 6 / Season 7

These are shirts that House has been wearing on the show:

LINCOLN MAYNE - www.housetshirts.com

LM skull/floral 1LM skull/floral 2LM skull/floral 3
Skull &Floral
(House has this shirt in three colors. The second and third I obviously just edited, because I couldn't find pics with the right colors)
LM crest/splashes
Crest & SplashesBirds
(light yellow, brown/gray print)

Dueling Heads
(light gray)
 Asphalt/Gold Skull
Gold Skull (black)
Not sure LM sells them in black
(light gray on black)
Bird & Map
(asphalt, blue/gray print)
(light blue, black print)
Midnight Delight
(coal, gold print)
What Are You Waiting For (coal, red print)

Water's Weight Aqua
(coal, aqua/blue print)
 Skull Snake
(coal, blue/yellow print)
Bird Brain

Star Ship
(light blue, white/gray print)

Lincoln Mayne sells almost all of these for men and women.
Go check them out here: MENS  /  WOMENS

BARKING IRONS (www.barkingirons.com)
BI swellsBI from beastsBI lupus
Swells (phantom)From Beasts
Lupus (coal)
BI hollowBI tenderloinBI honey bee
Hollow (coal)TenderloinHoney Bee
(House's is sky blue)
BI half moonBI sunshine & shadows 
Half MoonSunshine & ShadowsMaster Juba
Blue vs Grey
(House, of course, has the men's version, which I couldn't find a pic of.)
Manahatta  Crystal Palace (phantom)
(House's is red with white print)
 3D Pistols
(only seen in a 621 production still so far)
First Vessel
Wooden Pistols
 One Dead Mother
 Swells (2010)

NICE COLLECTIVE (www.nicecollective.com)
NC il y a une
Il y a une...
NC crow stamp
Crow Stamp (Vida Subterranea)
NC guerrilla artNC verge
NC ante meridiem
Guerrilla ArtVerge 81
(House has this shirt in black with red. I couldn't find a pic with the right color.)
Ante Meridiem
(House's shirt is black with blue and white.)
"Live at the Brain"

Death Valley Sound Systems - Killer Beats AONP Sound
Steam Punk
(Spring 2009)

PROJECT E (www.projecteclothing.com)
PE suicide jacksPE future scientists
Suicide Jacks - Last Man Standing Poker TournamentFuture Scientists of America
"Better Minds for a Better Tomorrow"
 PE red dragon
Las Vegas
Dead Man's Hand Poker
Red Dragon Tattoo
"Heall Yeah It Hurts"
Santa Cruz Choppers
(I don't know if this is House's shirt, or Hugh's. House was wearing a brown shirt at the end of "Autopsy", from which the behind-the-scenes photo is, so I'm going with House.)
 Vegas Classic
(Texas Hold 'Em)
image from www.jasonkochis.com

Bowery Street
(NYC Biker Club)


nd "Loans"  House in "Son of a Coma Guy"
Z-Brand - "Loans"

Omni-Peace shirt (www.omni-peace.com)

Trunk Ltd - Mötley Crüe "Dr Feel Good" shirt

House in "Meaning"
"Coffin Break" - shirt by Taavo - graphic by Nicola Druker

Buckler - "The Old South" Clothing House

A shirt by True Religion
(Thanks to an anonymous tip in the comments on this page, I finally know the brand of this tee, if not the name of the image on it.)

Aqua VI - "Follow Your Destiny"
(Note: House's tee is a short sleeved version. I couldn't find a picture of it.)
http://www.aqua-vi.com (the shirt is not on their official site anymore)

Trovata - "Crownsbury Fencing" / Trovata - "Manor Born, Island Bound"


As yet unidentified shirts:

Mizu Tiger Mint Tea
"Loyal unto Death" / "Mizu Tiger Mint Tea" / "Havana Poker Club"

... the one with the light house / ... the one with the blue stuff on it

"The Crow Bar" / "Autonomous"

"Griffin's Guitar Show - Manhattan" (purple and red)

"The Silent Lady"

"Let Us Prey" / "Live Hard Die Young - Motorcycle Club"



As you can see I've still got many shirts to find (some I didn't even upload pictures of, because there's too little to see of the graphics.) This post will be updated when/if I can identify more of them. And the new seasons will undoubtedly bring new tees for House as well. So, stay tuned. :-)

House's costume designer Cathy Crandall mentioned in an article that she sourced vintage stadium shirts and that House can be seen wearing "Doors", "Mötley Crüe" and indie-rock T-shirts in season 1.

If you enjoyed this, there's also a list of House's shoes you might find interesting.

Obviously the pics of shirts are not mine. They were collected all over the net. No copyright infringement is intended. I hereby encourage you all to go and buy lots and lots of shirts by Nice Collective, Barking Irons, Project E, Lincoln Mayne, Buckler, Z-Brand etc ... (g). If you have that kind of money.

A good site for buying these kinds of shirts is revolveclothing.com. I used some of their past images here.

Captures used in this and in the two companion posts are by [info]bluebear_74, [info]jukebox_grad and myself, possibly one or two snuck in from hl.net, marykir and phoenixothon. I can't remember which are whose. I hope giving credit to everyone I use caps of, will be all right. 


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I am speechless, and breathless....this is an AMAZING and extraordinarily satisfying look into House's closet. THANK YOU. and *hangs head in mock embarrassment* I will admit I have several Barking Iron and one Lincoln Mayne in my own closet and the fact that you identified the Coffin Break tee shirt is what will keep me up all night. For me, that shirt is the holy grail. did I say THANK YOU? and one last comment.... I live in the US and would be happy to return the favor and be the courier for any tees you want to buy. I'm a whiz at international shipping.
Oh, a fellow tee fanatic. Cool! It makes me very happy that I could keep you up all night. :-)

The 'Coffin Break' shirt was insanely hard to find. But I was determined to do so before unlocking the post. It IS the holy grail, isn't it? That and the 'Loans' shirt (which was equally elusive).

No reason to hang your head in embarrassment. Wear you BI's and LM's proudly, I say. And thanks so much for your shipping offer. The above mentioned two tees would be the top of my list, unfortunately I couldn't find an online store that still sells them.

But the Skull&Floral is tempting too. Did you buy your Lincoln Mayne tees online or in a store? I wouldn't know which size to pick. If they are men's slim fit I would probably need a pretty big one (I'm a bit curvy... and a woman).

If you go search for the 'Coffin Break' and find it somewhere, I want one, too. LOL

Thanks for your feedback. It made my day.
I found you over at... "House of Whining" or whatever its called, IDK. I was originally searching for info on Cuddy's wardrobe (I don't have a life either) and got linked to that site, and from there I found THIS. Your EPIC post of fashion!fandom!! Damn. This must have taken SO much energy. I'm in awe. Thank-you, thank-you thank-you, thank-you. Seriously. This post is so perfectly organized with all the photos and caps and links... GAHHH AMAZING!! lol
xx Jenn


thanks so much for leaving such great feedback. I'm glad you found this posting to be enjoyable. Yes, it took a long time and a lot of energy, but in the end it was worth it. :-)
(You should have heard the yell of victory every time I identified a shirt.)

I'm only sorry I can't help with Cuddy's wardrobe. I'm absolutely clueless about it.

Thanks again!
again with the awesome! i'm going to have go buy one of the lincoln mayne shirts. they're crazy cool.

thanks so much for sharing this!
You are very welcome.

I adore the Skull & Floral shirt by LM. That and a couple of the others I'd love to have. I just wish all the shirts weren't so expensive. And a lot of them are sold out, too.

Oh well, love from afar, I guess.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
Thank you very much! :)
Fan-fucking-tastic! You bet that took a lot of work - and I genuflect to you for doing it!

Marvelous. Mem'ing it!
Thank you! That comment makes me feel very very nice!!!
I'm honored that it warrants mem'ing and will do my best to update when more tee mysteries are revealed. :-)

This is an AMAZING post. I've been looking for his skull and florals tee for a very long time! One of my favorite tees of his. Wow! So well organized, and with SO MUCH picture evidence. This is just an amazing post!
And, this post made me realize that he has a lot of the SAME tee graphic printed on different colors t-shirts. Very, very cool. Seems like, when House (or his wardrobe people) likes a graphic, he gets it in different colors. HEE!
You may think you have no life but I think you're made of AWESOME for doing this! Very cool :)
Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it. :-)
This is AWESOME!
Thank you very much! I aim to please. :-)


Incredible job

This is just unbelievable, great work, I admire your patience and thoroughness!

Re: Incredible job

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :-)
Holy crap, I love you now. Seriously, I've been wanting a list like this FOREVER.

I must go on a rabid search for the "Lupus" shirt now... I saw that in one episode and was like: "WAAAAAANT". Sigh, I wish it was still in stock. ):

Edited at 2008-08-03 01:22 am (UTC)
Thanks so much. Makes me happy that there are people out there, who get as much pleasure out of stuff like this, as I do. :-)

Good luck on the Lupus shirt search. It's a shame so many of the tees are no longer available. But maybe you'll still find it somewhere.



Amazing work ! Thanks a lot !

Re: unbefuckalivable

Many thanks and you are very welcome!
Thanks for compiling this amazing list/gallery!

I didn't realize House had so many dead things on his T-shirts.

That would make me really nervous if I were his patient, to be honest about it. I would make ironic jokes about them until he was mean to me, then I would probably cry. =)
Thank you for your kind feedback! :-)

Re: dead things on his shirts. LOL. Yes, there are quite a lot of tees, that aren't really appropriate to wear in a hospital. The attitude is so fitting for House and to have it come across through his wardrobe, that many viewers will not even notice, makes me smile. There's so much detail that goes into the show.

I love House, but I think if I ever met him in real life and he was mean to me, I might start crying, too. ;-)


thank you so much for all this! it's fascinating to see them all and finally have some old favorites identified.
I'm glad you like it! :) Thanks!
Wow,I just discovered this and I'm dying to get some of House's tee's but I'm either stupid or many don't exist anymore(it's probably a combination of both in the end I guess because I am oh so late to the "party" .

I'm amazon illiterate (apparently) because I can't find the Santa Cruz Choppers one which is one of my favorites so I was wondering if u could help me.

Do u have any idea about the current availability of some of the other tee's that you originally posted as available?

I'm sorry if I seem ungrateful or something because I bet it is and was time consuming to give us all this precious info already .

Oh and I'm in Europe so I guess that's also quite a problem :D
Thank you so much for your feedback! :-)

No, you're not stupid. A lot of the shirts were already unavailable when I made this list and I started last year. Most of them don't have a long shelf life.

The Santa Cruz Shoppers shirt seems to have vanished from amazon since I posted this. Probably sold out there. But I found it again for you here:

That same site also has the Project E "Red Dragon Tattoo" tee (but currently out of stock): http://www.fashionbliss.com/mpre2.html

You can still buy a couple of the Lincoln Mayne designs (which are always current on House... he was just wearing one of them during "Joy To The World"). The white "Skull & Floral", "Crest & Splashes", "Lemon/Skull/Floral" and the "Birds & Text" (the last in a different color). Just go to lincolnmayne.com, click 'Fashion' then 'Buy'. I bought one of them myself and am in Europe as well.

A couple of Barking Irons tees are still officially available through their website (barkingirons.com). Go to back-door offers and you'll find "Swells" and "From Beasts" (also "Backed by Barking Irons", which is a shirt Hugh Laurie has been wearing a lot, but not on the show).

Very recently I've seen the Nice Collective "Crow Stamp", "Ante Meridiem" and a newer version of the "Live at the Brain" still around.

If any of the tees are still out there, you'll find them by searching for the brand name through google (try shirt name, as well, and also an image search and look for familiar pictures that originate in a shop).

You don't seem ungrateful at all. To the contrary. I can imagine how frustrating it must be to see the brand and even shirt names and not find them for sale on the net. I wish it were different. There are a couple of shirts I'd kill for (Z-Brand - Loans and Taavo - Coffin Break) and they are just not for sale anymore.

Anyway, I hope I could help a little bit. Good luck! Anymore questions, let me know.


thank you!

you are amazing! I cannot thank you enough!!
Thanks so much! (blushing) :-)
I'm delighted that you liked this posting.
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